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Overcoming challenges to make an impact

We partner with you, the social entrepreneurs and changemakers, at eye level and from a position of empowering support. You are in the driver seat for the content and the destination, we ‘just’ steer the process. Working with your strengths, we support you to empower yourself to tackle your challenges with new perspectives in an efficient way for sustainable impact.

To find out how this would work, explore these scenarios which are derived from real-world examples:

Imagine Sophia, a leader in a social enterprise she founded 8 years ago, to support children in poverty’s education. After 15 years in corporate roles, Sophia made her passion become her main activity, and she gives everything to this cause. Her social enterprise grew and she has now 7 employees in her team, and they together manage about 100 volunteers.

Sophia is profoundly happy with this activity and how it grows, and also she is gradually feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work and the increasing responsibilities she is facing. She has more and more administrative and management tasks, and missed the ground work she used to enjoy so much. Recently, she worked longer and longer hours, and is at times feeling anxious about the future.

With coaching, Sophia realised what was happening and how she was letting her work overwhelm her and losing track. She reflected about what was still true for her about this enterprise she founded, and realised it needed new input from her in this new phase of growth. She also looked at her needs, and crafted new ways for herself to delegate more efficiently, and ensure she balances her energy. She now feels enthusiastic again about her big mission at work everyday, and also enjoys coming back to her family after work.

Imagine Kenny, an ESG representative in a chemical company. He is an engineer and gradually became passionate about sustainable work. He has been employed in the same company for 4 years as a sustainability ambassador, and was recently relocated to the leader’s floor, as this topic became considered as strategic for the company. 

The Managing Director tells him his advice is critical, but Kenny feels he is not being listened to by board members. One time he observed four board members doing something else while he was presenting to them.

With coaching, Kenny realised what was happening and how he was contributing to that, letting his voice be muffled. He reflected about the real important reasons why he was on this job and realised it was more of a mission for him. Fired up, he crafted new ways for himself to convey his messages in a way that was truly authentic and powerful, and successfully experimented them with his audience; he now feels he has a real voice at board meetings, and his advice really participates in strategic decisions.

Imagine Julia, a talented marketing manager in an energy company based in Singapore. Julia used to love her job but now feels under the water. She is creative and an enthusiastic communicator, and she has proven many times her talent as a professional marketer. She does her best to help her company stay close to their reputation as a ‘clean energy provider’, as this goal is important to her. Recently, several of her team members have left and the business numbers have not been great in the last year. She gets a lot of pressure to deliver from her management, and works longer and longer hours. Julia was wondering how much longer she can bear this pressure.

With coaching, through exploring her strengths and mapping her stakeholders, Julia learnt a lot about herself and about how to keep track of her priorities and own purpose, while communicating well upwards; as she managed to better engage with her management, she was also able to partner with her team members. She learned to set boundaries better. Now she handles everyday work in a more fluid way, and she participates in business decisions in a way that her boss finds strategic. Julia says she sees her work back in color mode.

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2 Sessions

USD 480

I’m feeling stressed out, often overworked or start losing energy.

Clarify your needs, set boundaries and make choices that meet your needs, to regain balance and improve your overall wellbeing.

Sessions are 50 minutes each.


One of our coaches will guide you in choosing the package most suitable for you.