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“I am under pressure”

Imagine Julia, a talented marketing manager in a retail company based in Singapore. Julia used to love her job but now feels under the water. She is creative and an enthusiastic communicator, and she has proven many times her talent as a professional marketer. Recently several of her team members have left and the business numbers have not been great in the last year. She gets a lot of pressure to deliver from her management, and works longer and longer hours. Julia was wondering how much longer she can bear this pressure.

With coaching, through exploring her strengths and mapping her stakeholders, Julia learnt a lot about herself and about how to keep track of her priorities while communicating well upwards; as she managed to better engage with her management, she was also able to partner with her team members. She learned to set boundaries better. Now she handles everyday work in a more fluid way, and she participates in business decisions in a way that her boss finds strategic. Julia says she sees her work back in color mode 😉

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2 Sessions

USD 480

I’m feeling stressed out, often overworked or start losing energy.

Clarify your needs, set boundaries and make choices that meet your needs, to regain balance and improve your overall wellbeing.

Sessions are 50 minutes each.


One of our coaches will guide you in choosing the package most suitable for you.