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“I have no voice”

Imagine Kenny, an ESG representative in a chemical company. He is an engineer and gradually became passionate about sustainable work. He has been employed in the same company for 4 years as a sustainability ambassador, and was recently relocated to the leader’s floor, as this topic became considered as strategic for the company. 

The Managing Director tells him his advice is critical, but Kenny feels he is not being listened to by board members. One time he observed four board members doing something else while he was presenting to them.

With coaching, Kenny realized what was happening and how he was contributing to that, letting his voice be muffled. He reflected about the real important reasons why he was on this job and realized it was more of a mission for him. Fired up, he crafted new ways for himself to convey his messages in a way that was truly authentic and powerful, and successfully experimented them with his audience; he now feels he has a real voice at board meetings, and his advice really participates in strategic decisions.

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2 Sessions

USD 480

I’m feeling stressed out, often overworked or start losing energy.

Clarify your needs, set boundaries and make choices that meet your needs, to regain balance and improve your overall wellbeing.

Sessions are 50 minutes each.


One of our coaches will guide you in choosing the package most suitable for you.